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What and How to Donate

          We are not accepting clothing for consignment during the month of February.

ASC Thrift Store accepts donations of:

Clothing, jewelry, household goods, sporting goods, children and infant toys/care items, linens, animal care, books, DVDs, entertainment items and electronics.

**Please see standard operating procedures at the bottom of this page for a full list of items we do not accept**

We can accept items that:

  • Are clean and not torn

  • Are not stained or soiled

  • Have all parts (such as board games)

  • Unbrokenlight bulbs

  • Gently used shoes

  • Small Furniture, lamps, wall art

  • Luggage

  • Plastic/paper/recyclable shopping bags

We can not accept the following:

  • In a condition that you would not buy

  • TVs that are Not Flat Screen (No tube TV's)

  • Car Seats (except boosters)

  • Cassette Tapes

  • Keyboard NOT USB

  • Mattresses (except Crib size)

  • Monitors that are NOT Flat Screen

  • VHS Tapes OR VCR's

  • Stained/torn clothing

  • Broken items (electronics, dishes, games)

  • Non-serviceable uniforms

When and Where to Donate:

You can donate to the Thrift Store at any time.  Leave your donated items in the bins to the right of the building behind the brown gates.  The gates are never locked so you can drop off 24/7.
(Left side is for Attic donations, Thrift Shop donations are on the right side)

*Please do not leave items my the main door. Only leave them in the back.









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