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If you have  images from any of our events or outings please feel free to forward them to  

2014 - 2015 with the Andrews Spouses' Club 

August 2014 - Karaoke at The Club 

We had a great time singing, eating and dancing. This is gonna be a great year with the new ASC !

September Open House 

October 2014 - Fall Harvest Luncheon 

A wonderful catered lunch, surrounded by beautiful decorations and lovely ladies. Did I mention we all went home with personalized mugs we made ourselves? 

November 2014 ~ Impov Night at the Courses at Andrews 

To better meet the needs of working members, the ASC has been having more evening events  For our first evening get-together "Free Range Improv" from Annapolis,  brought their talents to the Courses at Andrews. When you put Military members and improvisation together you never know what to expect.  Turns out it was alot of fun! 

December 2014 ~ ASC White House Christmas Tour

The White House Christmas decorations are world famous and not to be missed while you are in the NCR. The Andrews Spouses' Club had an amazing tour of the 2014 decorations and a lovely lunch out at Old Ebbits Grill. What a wonderful way to enjoy the fun of DC during the holidays. 

DEC 2014 JBA Cookie Drive 

Each year the Spouses' Club collects thousands of cookies, packages them up and delivers them to the dorm residents at JBA. This annual event is a wonderful way to support our community. We hope to see you there next year. 

January 2015 ~ ASC Thrift Shop Annual Fashion Show 


March 2015 - Luck O' The Irish Luncheon

Another wonderful event from our programs people. 


Irish Dancing, Bag Pipes, corned beef...All things point to a wonderful "Luck O' The Irish Luncheon. 


ASC Lunch Bunch

Trip To Pennsylvania Amish Country

2014 Thrift Shop

Customer Appreciation Day

2014 Scholarship Reception

Joint Thrift Shop/Andrews Attic

Burger Burn & Farewell Luncheon

Dec 2013 Annual Cookie Drive

-Just an example of some of our wonderful most recent events. Bear with us as we keep developing this website and expanding this section!

High Tea Luncheon

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